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Hi! My name is Jennifer Janechek, and I’m the founder and creator of Work–Home–Life. Throughout graduate school I worked as a freelance copy editor and learned how to balance my own coursework and research/writing, teaching, and freelancing. When I had my daughter (one month before my comprehensive exams!), I was forced to learn—quickly—how to juggle parenting while managing various work commitments. Then when I graduated, I began teaching part-time and working as a remote part-time employee for one of the companies for which I had been a freelancer. I had another child, and as you can imagine, the balancing act became even trickier…

Teaching, editing, doing freelance work, momming, being a present and helpful partner, and exercising are all things that require time and attention. If you have tried this balancing act before (which all parents in some sense do), you know it’s not easy. Most of the time, I feel like a complete failure (except for that time in the park a random six-year-old told me I was “a really nice mom”—that was a real glory moment). This is a sentiment I’ve heard expressed by many of my friends who feel like they are never able to do or be “enough”—from people without kids, too. It’s a feeling that is augmented by working from home, where the lines between personal and professional responsibilities really blur and the demands on one’s time are complex. So, I created this online magazine/blog/whatever you want to call it to be a virtual gathering place, site of inspiration, and source of rejuvenation for all those out there who are juggling multiple responsibilities while working from home. And for those times that you need some extra motivation or strategies for making the juggling act easier to manage, I hope you’ll find that here. 

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